The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method for Pet Owners in San Antonio, Texas

Are you a pet owner in San Antonio, Texas looking for the most effective carpet cleaning method? Look no further than Chem-Dry by the Millers! As a certified and trained technician, they offer superior carpet and upholstery cleaning services that eliminate pet hair, stains, dirt, and allergens from your home. Their signature cleaning solution, The Natural, is an eco-friendly solution that creates millions of bubbles to penetrate the carpet and lift dirt to the surface. In addition, they provide expert tile, stone, and grout cleaning to remove deep dirt and grime from porous areas of tile and stone floors throughout the house. For commercial customers, Chem-Dry by the Millers offers carpet cleaning services that create a healthier and cleaner environment for customers and employees.

They use the “truck-mounted” hot water extraction method which is recommended by most major carpet manufacturers. This method is more effective than dry cleaning methods in removing dirt and stains. In more serious cases, Chem-Dry by the Millers may need to perform level 2 subsurface treatment and clean the pad with a urine neutralizer. They also identify stains and dirt on the carpet and apply special treatments and all-natural products to remove them.

This type of dirt is difficult to remove because it penetrates deep into the carpet pile and sometimes into the carpet support. The buildup of soil on the carpet, in combination with foot traffic, creates an abrasion that breaks down the carpet fibers. In these cases, it may be necessary to replace the carpet padding, treat the underside of the carpet and the subfloor. Steam Master Cleaning & Restoration is experienced in all cleaning methods according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Don't waste time searching for another carpet cleaning company. I have been using carpet cleaning companies for rental properties in the San Antonio area for 25 years and Chem-Dry by the Millers is my go-to choice.

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